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Created By Chefs For Chefs

A Passion For Excellence

Chef and owner, Michael Stamm, began Michael's Gourmet Pantry in 1999.  Since that time, the business has grown to become the ultimate source for gourmet ingredients, servicing Las Vegas's premier restaurants and the individual gourmand.

The Las Vegas facility, located off of Sunset and Valley View, consists of modernized offices and a spacious warehouse filled with special ingredients found only in a Chef's dream.  The working atmosphere is causal and friendly; the MGP team small in numbers but big in spirit.

"It takes a lot of care and integrity to procure just the right products and deliver above and beyond what our customers need and want," said Chef Michael.  Chef Michael's philosophy is indeed a reflection of his commitment to quality and the extraordinaire.  He shares his manufacturers' passion for excellence and takes great pride in the products and manufactures he personally selects to represent.

Chef Michael presents educational classes on cheeses, mushrooms, and oils and vinegars and is available for staff training.



About Chef Michael

Chef Michael Stamm is a 25-year veteran to the food industry.  Inspired by his mother and grandmother at an early age, he graduated from culinary school in Calw, Black Forrest, Germany.  He apprenticed under Chef Heinz Kaltschmidt at the Chef's renowned fresh game and fish restaurant, Zur Linde located in Heidelberg, Germany.  A resident of Las Vegas since 1986, Chef Michael has presented his signature dishes at some of the finest hotel restaurants.

Chef Michael's exceptional knowledge of specialty ingredients and his global travel experiences make him much in demand.  In 1999 Chef Michael created an informational website for his customers who frequented his restaurant.  The website included recipes and general information on the unique ingredients he used at his restaurant.  The informational website flourished into the Las Vegas storefront and an online shopping service -- a shopping experience you won't want to miss.